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The Halaal Chef Guide

Learn how to submit recipes on The Halaal Chef


Upon entering submit Recipes, Chefs will come across a page that will look like the image on the left.You are required to complete the full title of your recipe and the description.

Your entry in this box should be a complete and full description of your recipe





Next! Everyone loves Recipes with pictures to get their tastebuds jumping.Click onto “add Image”.

Every Chef is given the opportunity to create other Recipe categories, Recipe Cuisines and Recipe features- if it’s something that is not listed on The Halaal Chef! But we ask you to please use this wisely, as we moderate every recipe submitted to assure the best quality for all.

Click onto the right of the square as you see in the picture to the right, this will reveal a + symbol for each chef to add to their recipe accordingly.




Now as we get closer to a perfect recipe😋Let’s get some short description, be careful…not a full description, this is just adding some  makeup💄 to your delicious recipes.Just drop in some short sentences.

Don’t forget to add the servings! As our one of a kind algorithm allows every viewer to increase the servings as they wish, and all your ingredients quantities change, you would love this feature🙂 No need for calculators! We do it all for you!

We Love making things easy for you! Yet again you have the option to add your own ingredients, just in case our library doesn’t have what you need.




You also have options to breakdown every recipe into steps.How you ask? Well just click onto the separator alongside your ingredients and give your step a name! Sauce, topping, decorations just go ahead and call it what you like😄

Once you’ve done that just start adding your steps to put all those delicious ingredients together.

Now for the health conscience 😀We have you covered as well👍Add quantities of sugars,proteins,carbohydrates etc to every recipe that you submit.

Once you Done just hit “Submit Recipe” and watch your Divine creation make the mouths of millions water😋.


The Halaal Chef Recipe Features



We at The Halaal Chef are always trying to make cooking easier for you,on the picture to the left you would notice at the bottom you have some kitchen gadgets😄, yes you have a reading mode to make following Recipes easier while mixing the pot👩‍🍳.

Then it’s the must have timer👍Cause just a few extra minutes can spoil the most perfect dish.So go ahead and start your personal timer on The Halaal Chef to make some delicious perfect recipes😋

Now we have some that plan every meal of the week😅If you are one of those rare chefs,this would really help you out! At the bottom you have an “add to meal plan” button.Click on it and just drag and drop your meal plans for the day, week or even a month😬-But yeah we have that😃…Have a look at  picture below,you can also plan your daily carbs, fats, & proteins🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♂️🥗🍔



Now you are viewing a recipe that serves 4, but unfortunately you getting 10 guest for supper😧 No problem✋We have you covered👍 Above every recipe we have an adjust servings function just for your convenience😃Here you get to increase or decrease the servings and every ingredient adjusts itself,So you still get to create the perfect dishes no matter how many guest you catering for😃


We hope you enjoy your tasteful experience with us The Halaal  Chef…if you happen to have any queries or questions🤔🤷‍♀️, Please feel free to contact us below😊Enjoy the blend of radiant flavours…with us 







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